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Turkish tea and desserts bear a significant role in Turkish culture today. They can be seen almost everywhere in Turkey, and one of the best places to savour that afternoon tea or midnight supper that guarantees Turkish authenticity is at Hafiz Mustafa, which was founded in 1864 when the Ottoman Empire was still in power.

There are so many Hafiz Mustafa branches in Istanbul, it is nearly impossible to miss as long as you stay on the main streets.

The shop opens until very late and starts business pretty early, 6.30am to 2.30am the next day for the branch we went.

Kunefe, a signature Arabic dessert, made with Kadayif (shreded vermicelli-like wheat in syrup) layered with cheese. A must try at Hafiz Mustafa.

Chocolate pudding with pistachios

Turkish desserts are mostly quite sweet, so it is nice to balance out the taste with a cup of Turkish Chay (tea), fruit tea or even Turkish Kahve (coffee).

To eat: Baklava (SIGNATURE), Turkish Ice cream Drinks: Pomegranate Tea, Turkish Tea, Hot Chocolate

I have a soft spot for Turkish creamy and rich Dondurma (ice-cream). Having ice-cream at Hafiz Mustafa is definitely straightforward and trick-free.

Assorted Turkish Delights

You’ll never run out of choices at Hafiz Mustafa.

There are also freshly packed Turkish Delights that will make great souvenirs!

Different flavours of Baklava and pastries!

Cakes and puddings for the sweet tooth!

Whether you enjoy it fresh or take it home as souvenirs, Turkish delights can last up to 6 months if kept in room temperature.

I also read about a traditional pudding that is made of chicken breasts which you can try at Hafiz Mustafa. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to try that, perhaps that’s another reason for us to return to Turkey, or let us know in the comment below if you have tasted it yourself!

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